Hobur Twente

Our history starts in the nineteen sixties, designing and building road tankers for dangerous goods, focussing on liquefied gases such as LPG's, DME, carbon dioxide, LNG, ammonia and similar substances.

With own facilities for design, production and testing we are able to deliver a complete and optimized package complying with international guidelines such as ADR, IMDG, MID and various pressure vessel codes.

As a CIMC company we are part of a global network supplying the gas industry.


Our road tankers for liquefied gases are tailor made to serve your requirements best. Because we design and fabricate ourselves we are able to fully integrate major components.

Whether you require a generic or a specific solution for the transport of liquefied gases, we optimize the design by using state of the art materials and proven designs to maximize payload, reliability and safety.

We make our design work best for you, no matter if it needs to be a truck, trailer, semi trailer or a swap body for bulk or fully equipped distribution.

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refrigerated liquefied gases

Truck mount bodies, swap bodies, trailers and semi trailers with insulated light weight tanks made from generic duplex stainless steels or special grade duplex for ultra light weight versions.

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non refrigerated liquefied gases

Truck mount bodies, swap bodies, trailers and semi trailers with non insulated light weight tanks made from fine grain carbon steel or duplex stainless steel for ultra light weight versions.

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engineered to your requirements

Each tanker can be designed to your specific requirements, with optimisation of essential components with computer aided design, engineering and analysis (3D CAD/CAE, FEA).



Our dedicated team of qualified welders, mechanics, technicians and engineers take care of making your Hobur road tanker perform best for you.
Looking forward to serve you with our products.

Jan Herm Lenters - calculation and sales
Erik Folbert - engineering
Nathalie Rikkering - purchasing and spare parts
Gerrit Blekkenhorst - workshop and service
Geke Veenstra - financial administration
Eddie Veijer - development and engineering / general management

"At the end of the day a road tanker is not just a road tanker"


Eager to help build our products?
Are you a skillful and diligent welder, mechanic, technician or electrician?
We invite you to get in touch and discuss employment opportunities.
Please call Eddie Veijer at +31 546 246 440

See our current employment opportunities at indeed.



Bedrijvenpark Twente 115
7602 KE Almelo
The Netherlands

Telephone and e-mail

Central +31 546 246 440
Sales +31 546 246 440 (sales@hobur.nl)
Parts +31 546 246 464 (parts@hobur.nl)
Service +31 546 246 462 (service@hobur.nl)


Hobur Twente is part of China International Marine Containers (CIMC),
a world leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment, headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
CIMC is dedicated to supplying high-quality and reliable equipment and services,
including containers, vehicles, energy, chemical and food equipment, offshore, logistics services airport facilities, et cetera.